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What You Should Know About Different Types of Flanges

How well do you understand about flanges and identify where can they be used in the manufacturing industry? It is always important to note and understand that flanges actually are available in various shapes, sizes and applications. A flange when manufactured for the first time, was available in ring shape, and was mainly used for connecting two pipes together for better and stronger support.  Various flange manufacturers are currently available such as Duplex Steel S31803 S32205 F51 Stub End Manufacturer that are involved in manufacturing different available flanges for connecting a pipe to the valve, tee, choke, or various other components. These types of flanges are available for offering quick support as well as strength to the two flanges.

Different types of flanges that are being commonly used in the industry can be noted herewith:

Slip on flange or Hub bed flange

This type of flange is truly implied by its name and application. This has a diameter slightly higher than that of the pipe, so as to cover the pipe tightly. Though these types of piping are comparatively thin as compared to their other counterparts. They are also known to be as the stronger, dependable as well as cheaper options.

Threaded flanges

They are similar to that of the slip-on flanges but are more popular because of their easy availability and attachment facilitated without any option for welding further. This type of flanges is being designed and tapered with threads to work with pipes, which are externally threaded too.

They are also available in low cost option and are identified to be the great fit due to small pipes as well as being able to use in highly combustible areas, where welding is greatly dangerous.

Lap joints or loose flanges

These types of fittings are used in combination with another universal hub end fittings. The type of a flange can be commonly employed to avoid further issues, which can arise with the alignment of the bolt holes. These types of flanges are being designed to be just slid over the piping system and can be rotated around the stub end. They are being commonly used in the applications where the juncture doesn’t come in direct contact with the fluid or gas that is being passed through.

Welding neck flange

These types of flanges are often being used for the system that is being operated under high pressure in order to reduce the amount of stress that is being created during operation. The type of flange has been designed with a long neck which can be further welded to the base of the piping system. One of the most popularly used option for the high pressure system is welded neck tapered hub flange for improved strength and flexibility.

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