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Flanges and Different Application of Flanges

A flange is identified to be as the cast ring of steel and is being manufactured with intent of connecting different sections of pipes either to pressure vessel, pump vessel, or different types of other flanges as an interim connection. Various flanges are being commonly employed in the manufacturing industries, such as Duplex Steel Uns S31803 2205 BLRF Blind RF A182 F51 Flanges. Different types of flanges are connected to each other through joining the piping system with the help of either welding or joining through orifice.

Different types of flanges are designed with the following pressure ratings such as 150lb, 300lb, 400lb, 600lb, and 900 lbs.

The flanges are being commonly employed for different set of applications, the types and flanges can be noted accordingly are:

Socket Weld flanges: This is a similar type of flange as that of slip on version. However, the bore of the pipe should be cut totally in order to accept the pipe. The diameter of the bore that is remaining is comparable and similar to that of the inside bore of the pipe. The flange can be attached through the fillet weld through application of stress. The type of flanges is highly usable in case where high-pressure system is being implemented such as hydraulic or stream lines.

Spectacle flanges: This is a pressure retaining plate with one solid end and the other one is open end that is being connected to web or tier bar. In case of general situation, the open end is sealed with other flanges to facilitate flow of fluid in a normal way. If in case the solid end is flung in the position it can effectively stop the flow of fluid.

Lap joint flanges: It is another type of slip on flanges with a large radius allowing speedy intersection of the bore and the flange. The face of the stub end forms the gasket facing on the flange. The type of flange can be successfully used in case where piping system is quickly dismantled and replaced easily for inspection.

Groove and tongue flanges: In case of groove and tongue flanges, the combination is designed in a way that both the groove and the tongue can be fitted to one other. Different types of specifications can be used in case of both tongue and the groove flange. The designed is constructed in a way that both the tongue and the groove do not extend into the flange base.

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