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Some of the Most Commonly Used Flanges for Industry Applications

According to the report shared by Garlock, a renowned scientist of the world in industry manufacturing. With specializations in gaskets, and other industry related products. According to whom different types of pipe flanges are being employed to facilitate different types of fittings such as Fittings ASTM A860 A234 A105N A815 A403 Manufacturer in order to add as well as support the manufacturing plant.

The flanges can be further welded through bolting or joining together, like there are 6 various types of flanges that are used invariably as per their different industry associated applications and demands.

Accordingly, six of the most commonly used flanges are

Slip on flanges

It is being commonly used in oil as well as gas industries, wherein pipes have to be fitted for the high pressure and low temperature environment. This type of flange does not require any type of extra fitting to be attached to the pipe, whereas it can just easily slip on the pipe further facilitating smooth joining. In comparison to other types of flanges, slip on flanges can be slightly thinner but with a shorter lifespan. However, they are also acknowledged to be highly cost effective as compared to their other versions.

Threaded flanges

These types of flanges are similar to that of the slip-on versions of the flanges. They also just have to be slid on the pipe to get fitted and don’t require any other attachment or extra fitting. These types of flanges are highly preferred in case of smaller pipes as well as areas where welding is not advisable.

Socket welding flanges

The socket welding flange is another type of combination flange that is being greatly used in the manufacturing industry, considering their durability and pocket friendly availability. The flanges have to be just inserted easily in the pipe and need another attachment called as the fillet weld to allow better flow of gas through the same.

Lab joint flange

As the name suggest they are similar to that of slip on flanges but only are made up of combination of flanges that don’t have the raise face. These types of flanges are more commonly used in case of low-pressure system.

Welding neck flanges

These types of flanges are employed in the system that is being operated with the help of high pressure. These types of fittings are being commonly employed to ease the stress associated with flow of material, which can be either gas or liquid through the piping system.

Determining the rating of flanges

It is important to note that all types of flanges noted herewith and examined on the basis of different rating system based on the guidelines proposed by ASME. The type of flange that is being chosen for industry application is dependent upon the requirement as well as guide.

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