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Hastelloy: The Most Preferred and Versatile Choice

Various industry manufacturers can provide variety of different types of Hastelloy alloy flanges, and their accessories, like Hastelloy B2 Fittings Flanges Manufacturers. These types of flanges are being extensively used in the industry applications, like welding connections, etc.

Over the period of time, the manufacturing technology has been advanced exponentially to supply some of the best quality of flanges over their demands. Out of the many flanges available in the industry, Hastelloy flanges are considered to be one of the most widely used due to their versatility and easy applications. These flanges are also corrosive resistance and hence manufacturer’s favorite out of all, as they can be stocked for years in their warehouses and supply any time on demand.

Before moving ahead to know more about the properties of these types of flanges, let us first understand what these flanges are, and how can they be used in the industry.

What are flanges?

The flange is identified to be as one of the most widely applied accessories in the welding industry, for joining or connecting piping system to another high-pressure vessel for strong adhesion. The flanges are easy to use and can be dismantle easily on demand. Further to which, these types of connections can provide better flexibility in accessing the internal piping system, especially for applications like cleaning, inspection, assessments etc. Some of the break up flanges that is also available in the piping system in case if regular maintenance is required.

A typical flange joint is made up of three different parts or components, which are easily connected to each other. These flanges can be named as the flange, the gasket and the last but not the least is the bolting. All these components when joined together make a perfect assembly, which can influence one another.

However, one should note that the flanges are not suitable for underground applications, and are to be chosen depending upon their applications and suitability.

What are the specifications of Hastelloy?

The flanges made up of Hastelloy are highly resistant to corrosion and are widely anticipated for the same, for their application in both oxidizing as well as reducing type of media. Studies have revealed that these types of fittings are the most suited for both sulfuric as well as hydrochloric acids.

Due to their corrosive resistance to some of the nastiest media in the manufacturing industry, they are being commonly used in the chemical processing applications like acid chloride solvents, formic acids, acetic acids, wet chloride gas etc.

Some of the most invariably used Hastelloy are:

  • Hastelloy C276
  • Hastelloy B2
  • Hastelloy B3
  • Hastelloy C2000
  • Hastelloy C22

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