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Flanges and Their Industry Applications

In the entire manufacturing industry, flange can be attributed as an important accessory, which is required for connecting pipes or different other metals for the best fittings. Accordingly, various flanges manufacturers, such as SS 310S Fitting Flanges manufacturers, etc. are currently active. However, it is very important to understand in detail what these flanges are and how they can be exploited for different applications.

What are flanges?

Flanges are particularly strategized for connecting different accessories that are especially being used in the manufacturing industry, such as pipes, valves, pumps and other equipments in order to further support the manufacturing industry. Moreover, flanges can also be used to interchangeably to minimize or maximize the access of cleaning, internal assessments as well as adjustments if required any.

These flanges are joined together through sealing or welding the joints; with the help of a gasket for the perfect fit.

Some of the most widely used flanges are slip on flanges, blinds, weld necks, threaded socket flange, a flange with lap joints and orifice, etc. In their generalized applications, a flange is usually made for fitting the pipe with another pressure vessel at a pressure rating of 150lb, 400lb, till 1500lb.

There are various large manufacturers and suppliers in India, which are associated with distribution as well manufacturing of flanges to every nook and corner of the world. These flanges are being produced through stringent quality control and evaluation techniques; and can be prepared according to the client’s requirements and demands.

Accordingly, different types of flanges and their industry usability have been described herewith to give you a very basic idea.

Grooved Flange or tongue flange

These types of flanges always come in combination, wherein one type of a flange comes as a ring identified to be as the tongue, which has been machined. This tongue is then allowed to fit into the groove, which also is apparently made through the machine and is identified to be as the grooved flange.

These flanges are being used as a perfect combination to be self-adhesive and fit into the interface appropriately.

Slip on flanges

As the name suggests, these are the pipe flanges that can be settled either through welding its upper portion or at the side of the base ring. These types of flanges are so designed to avoid leakage of the material that is being forced through the high pressure in the pipe. For this matter, these flanges are generally made wider than the internal measurements of the pipe.

In the industry, these types of flanges are being widely utilized over their other counterparts, since these flanges can be manufactured very easily with less accuracy; yet with the similar outcome ratings as their other counterparts.

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