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Different Types of Welding Processes and Their Industry Applications

Welding is the most commonly employed process in manufacturing industry, wherein the two metal pieces are connected to each other through application of strong heat and pressure. The process is commonly used in metal fabrication and hence various stainless steel buttweld pipe fitting manufacturers are currently available across different parts of the nation to provide you one of the well-suited arcs welding.

What is welding?

Welding is the fabrication process through which two metals are joined together for higher degree of fitting. The process of welding is accompanied with the help of heat and high pressure. Accordingly, different processes are being used in the industry depending upon the kind of applications, such as automobile bodies, structural work, tanks, etc.

Depending upon the process variability, welding can further be classified into five different categories, as follows:

Gas Welding

This is being recognized as one of the most important types of welding process, which is achieved through burning different fuel gases with the involvement of oxygen and high temperature. The flame which is generated through oxygen as well as high temperature is directly being focused into the welding area and further melts down its surface as well as other material. The molten parts of the surface mix with each other to create a perfectly firm joint. This type of welding method is applied to create many of the common joints in the daily living, like joining thin metal plates, joining both ferrous as well as non-ferrous material, sheet metal fabrication as well as automobile and aircraft industries.

Arc Welding

This is another type of fusion process, wherein the intense heat is applied to the metal joint in order to melt the surface of the metal. The part of the metal that is melted is allowed to solidify through the process of cooling, after which the metal gives a smooth finishing. The arc is created on the metal and an electrode that is being used for employing heat. These types of welding processes are highly recommended for manufacturing steel products.

The arc welding is further accompanied with the four types of basic joints, such as:

Butt Welded joints

These joints are the most common types of joints that are being employed in the process of metal fabrication; and are being attributed to be as the most universal method for joining different accessories of pipe industries, like flanges, valves as well as other equipment’s.

Fillet welded joints

The type of welding process is involved for welding the connections like tee, lap, as well as corner joints. In totality, these joints are involved for creating 70-80% of all the joints that are prepared by arc welding.

Apart from arc welding, other less commonly employed methods for welding are resistance welding, thermo chemical welding, radiant energy welding, etc.

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