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Complete Guide on Different Types of Flanges and Their Wide Industry Applications

Currently, manufacturing industry is equipped with many latest models with their wide applications. Out of many strategies used and applied in manufacturing industries, flanges are the one made for joining or connecting different piping or other fittings such as valves, pumps etc. So, if you are looking for one of those highly popular flanges such as Super Duplex Steel Zeron 100 Astm A815 Fittings Flanges etc. then the current article is intended to provide a complete guidance on different types of flanges and their wide applications.

What are flanges?

A flange is identified to be as the steel ring that is designed to be fitted in the interface of the pipe in order to facilitate the connection of both of them. Moreover, flanges also give quick and easy access to cleaning pipes, its internal examination as well as other fitting related adjustments. These flanges are normally welded or screwed to the pipe and are being sealed to other flange with the help of a gasket between the two. Thus, each flange is joined to each other with the help of darting or through piping framework.

Some of the fundamental type of flanges is slip on, blind type, weld neck, threaded socket weld, lap joints and orifice flanges. These flanges are being designed in multiple pressure ratings like 150lb, 300lb, 400lb, 600lb, 900lb and 1500lb, etc.

Some of the most highly acknowledged facings machined on flanges are:

  • Raised face, 1/16th inch for 150lb, 300lb, and heavier.
  • Flat face for 150lb, 300lb etc.

Some of the flanges that are being widely acknowledged and applied in the industry are:

Groove flanges: – It is constantly paired with the tough flange. The combination is characterized with the presence of machined raised ring, which is known to be as the tongue, the other face has a depression, which has been named to be as the groove. The combination fit into each other very nicely.

Slip on flanges/SORF flanges: – As the name suggest these types of flanges are being slipped over the pipes and are being settled at the welding over a top as well as on the sides of the flanges. This type of fitting is helpful in avoiding spillage as well as leakage in between the fixation; while giving quality strength to the connection. It should also be noted that the internal strength of the flange with slip on type is little bigger than that of pipe’s OD.

Blind type of flanges: A blind flange also known to be as the blanking flange can be used for mixing or sealing the ends of the piping framework and is being endorsed to be as one of the most helpful alternatives to seal the end of the pipe in case of certain larger applications.

Out of the few specific flanges, mentioned herewith some of the other commonly used flanges can be noted as high hub blind flange, expander flanges, threaded flanges, etc.

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